Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am sleepy.

Last night the boy and I stayed up too late playing Metal Gear 3 and looking at Nintendo Cartridges. He told me a lot of stuff about Tengen and his neighbors in Maine and then we sacked out.

I've been listening to CHALLENGING SUSHI lately. Live365 is weird, though. They'd much rather have you be a member, so sometimes it will take a couple tries reloading the station before they will let you listen. You get this obnoxious "free trial" message crap. Anyhow, the station is alternative Japanese music, not J-pop and stuff. There is reggae, rock, jazz, and all sorts of stuff. I highly recommend checking it out :D

Actually, I also found a ton of sites like this where you can listen to old radio shows XD That makes me very happy. I miss Oldtime Radio Drama on 90.7 back in Wisconsin.

Then, let's see, I also discovered Channel Frederator yesterday while surfing. They play animation submissions. Basically a weekly indie shorts podcast. The only problem is I'm 'podless and I'm not sure how to play the downloads on just a computer.


I can't believe it's already quarter to 2. I guess it's because we got a bit of a later start to the day. I guess all there really is for me to do is some dishes and clean some more. I studied a little Japanese somewhat half-heartedly. I just don't know what would be the most effective thing to be working on...


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