Friday, June 30, 2006

The Dwindling Friday Sunlight

Well, it looks like the boy will be late tonight. He's utterly swamped. I rummaged in the pantry and came up with some soup and crackers for dinner. It was...ok. It sort of had meat in it, anyways, and vegetables. It seemed a little healthy, if not a bit salty. Then after that I couldn't help but finish off the Ben & Jerry's, so I guess I'm full. The bad thing is that we really don't have too much for when the boy gets back. I was sort of scrounging as it was today. He'd probably be content with oatmeal and toast, but he hasn't eaten all day, so I wish I had something more substantial to feed him.

Today, besides getting creative with the odds and ends of food lounging in the kitchen, I was doing some laundry. Unfortunately that activity has since been halted due to a) lack of funding b) missing laundry detergent. Yeah, it vanished. Someone walked off with half a box of powder laundry detergent. That is pretty LOW. I guess it could've been a mistake, but it's a pretty thick-headed mistake to make. "Oh, this is next to my laundry basket cuz I left my stuff here all day even though my timer went off 2 years ago. I don't recognize it, but I guess it must be mine since it's to my stuff..." DRRRRRRRRRRRR *droolface*

What else? Video games, Home Movies, uhm...I'm gonna go read. Oh, and earlier in the day I crawled back into bed for an hour. I was falling asleep playing my DS, and bed sounded like such a nice comfy place, so I went there. It was.

ARE YOU THRILLED BY THE ABSOLUTE MUNDANENESS OF MY ACTIVITIES??? Canned soup, stolen sundry items, late morning cat naps, and CARTOONS? Life has never been this thrilling.

Nah, it's not so bad. Plus, the boy has a four day weekend, so no matter HOW late he gets home tonight, we can make sure the rest of the time is great (even if he has to write MORE, which is pretty much a given the way they've been piling on the assignments lately.)

I think that's a wrap. I'm gonna go see how far I can get in The Amber Spyglass. I've been slacking off on the reading, which is sort of sad. I guess I've just been doing other stuff like job interviews and games and punking around on the web...



spades said...

your a funny person, i think.

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