Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Big Long Weekend

Hmm, it was so big and long I'm not even sure what to say. Last night the boy and I went up to the roof to see the fireworks. The top half was visable, which was good enough. We ran into some of our neighbors having a party up there, so we hung around for a while. Apparently our building is haunted by a man who breaks mirrors in closets, a cat, and a prostitute or two. It used to be a brothel.

Other than that we pretty much played video games and watched cartoons. It was a very lazy weekend. Maybe we needed it. Lots of sleeping in and lounging about. Then today it was back to the job hunt for me and back to the writing as fast as humanly possible for the boy. I had that interview with the Japanese travel agency today. I was pretty nervous and it didn't go very well. While I had remembered the address and the floor and all that this time, I didn't know the name of the lady I was supposed to talk to and there turned out to be two different companies. I felt totally stupid. Then (as I figured) my clothes aren't right, but they still said they will probably hire me. I'll end up getting one of the more background jobs so I can wear my clothes, but blah blah blah. Hopefully I'll be able to get something more longterm before then...

Swiss mice.

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