Thursday, July 06, 2006

Classic vs. Cutting Edge

Yeah, that's about it. The title is good, right? I don't know what I quite wanted to say about this. It came up when my brother started showing me all these new bands. For some reason he always knows about them. I don't know how. Juxtapose that with the "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" (or this) and you start thinking about things.

I guess my frustration here is that I don't have a handle on either side of the coin, not just in music, but in any field. Video games, literature, film, art, toys, furniture, architecture...bleh! On and on. I'm not hardcore enough : /

Hmm...I didn't mean for this to turn into THAT, but I guess it has ;p

Am I too slow to keep up and too lazy to do the back research?

I dunno. I have good intentions.

Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a good intention and I will never really amount to anything. I think I was thinking this last night as I fell asleep.

I'm not as depressed as I sound.

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