Monday, July 24, 2006

I am teh 21

Huzzah. Yesterday finished Silent Hill 2, punked around, played some games with Randy, and returned to huggle the boy and sack out.

This morning before the boy left for work he presented me with a "SUPER VEHICLE-001 METAL SLUG" to play with. It's a paper tank. So I spent a while folding and inserting tabs into slots. It's sort of complex o_o Right now it's partially built, looking awfully broken.

Had left over pizza for lunch.

There have been a not-really-at-all surprising amount of facebook/myspace birthday comments. It's just a little strange because most of these people I haven't really talked to in years and wouldn't be hearing from them at all except for that facebook told them it was my birthday. Still good to hear from people, though.

Tonight we're baking a cake and I'm not sure what else. I'm sort of tempted to try out my upgraded ID, even if it's just at the corner store XD


~dUcK! said...

Finished the tank. There will be pix soon. It is pretty wicked cool. The gun even swivels o_o

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