Monday, July 31, 2006


I got depressed and resolved myself to have a nap. Then I dreamed that:

I was riding a partly broken tricycle with an unplugged keyboard in my lap (very difficult to do...kept dropping things or getting out of control etc.) The keyboard did ...something. I'm not sure what. Anyways, I was on my way to the bus station to pick up an eminent Japanese. His name was...oh shit...what was it? I knew it till just now. Something like Hikkomuri-san. In fact, I think that was it. (Not Hikikomori-san ;p)

Anyways, I hadn't told my mom that we were hosting his stay. I wasn't sure what we were going to do with him or his dog...which was huge and would've eaten my dog. He also brought two assistants. It was in every way completely unfair to all parties involved. I wasn't even sure how I would get him back to my house because obviously he couldn't ride my trike.

I tried to use some of my Japanese, but it was proving to be not good enough, at least for his assistants. He could speak English fine, and even translated between them and me. He said he wanted to go to In-n-Out before going back home. (At this point I mentally analyzed whether I should or should not have a burger with this guy and oddly used my actual foods eaten for the past few days.) Anyhow I ended up calling my mom and for some reason she didn't seem to care.

Everything turned out fine.

Except I still sucked.


Slightly nuts!!!! said...

wierd dream! Just to let you know we are having problems with the phone company (Typical NTL!) SO if you don't hear from Steve don't worry, hopefully we will get it sorted out soon. He has started his new job and said he feels it is like being back at school being on training he gets morining, after noon and lunch breaks and even mini tests! He has amonth before he is on the phones though!

~dUcK! said...

Ah ha. Sounds interesting. Keep me posted :D