Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things Done and To Do

Bad pun.

Apparently my library book is overdue. This is very sneaky, however. For the last several books I checked out I received notices a few days in advance of the due date. I thought it was terrific and brilliant. So helpful! Now, rather than check my library account on their website for my due dates, I could just relax and read my e-mail like I do several times a day anyways. This time, unfortunately, I got a message saying my book was due over a week ago and that I would be held responsible for ten cents a day. Granted, that isn't much, but they had lulled me into this state of security with their friendly reminder e-mails and then turned around and ignored me. *sadface*

I wanted to go tomorrow. Today was supposed to be coffee with Momo (which turned out to be "fruit salad while I waited for her to arrive because I was too early) and the afternoon domestic. Is ten more cents so dear? Yes, yes it is. I will go. But first I will chill here a little longer and do pointless things ^_^

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