Friday, July 14, 2006

The afternoon is long.

This morning I had the worst muffin I've ever eaten in my whole life at this cafe off Van Ness and Geary. It was blueberry. If I would've known it was going to be that horrible I would've had a donut or something. All of it looked pretty bad. Getting anything at all was against my better judgement, but I had arrived 15 minutes early and felt like a snack.

Randy came and we drank coffee together for a half hour before he headed to work. Neither of us had much to talk about. We generally chat a bit online daily, and never have much to say even then, so it was pretty dull conversation. Nice to see him, though. He's my first friend here besides the boy.

After that I've mostly just been reading and putzing around online. I have enough quarters for one more load of laundry. I'll do it in the machine that works. I'm not sure what to wash. Some combination of shirts and pants, I guess. We have some clean towels already. I should also do dishes. There really aren't that many and it's all easy stuff, nothing terribly messy. I'd like to pick up some more and wipe off the table, too. It's really dirty with coffee grounds, crumbs, granola, cheese... I guess I'm pretty sloppy.


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