Thursday, July 06, 2006

1001 of Everything

I was walking past this bookstore on the way home the other day and I noticed they had a display set up for the Books You Must Read Before You Die. Lists like these always intrigue me because I always feel like there are things I shouldn't miss, and also that I am oftentimes missing them. Of course, lists like these inevitably leave out many things, and you might not be thrilled by everything there, but it still seems like a worthwhile idea.

I found the list here.

Also interesting to note is that there is a book for movies and one for albums.

I'm sure it's possible to fit this into a lifetime, but it may be difficult to track down some of this stuff.

I'm updating this soon to look at the lists of books, movies, and albums (on Listology) that I've read, seen, and heard. There is pretty much no point in going through the albums, and there was barely a point going through the books (or the movies for that matter; there are just too many.) I'll do it anyway! Kills time, time I COULD be using to READ/WATCH/LISTEN. That's terrific ;p

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