Monday, July 31, 2006

Frisbee etc

That sort of sums up yesterday afternoon. Randy and I felt compelled to get out of his apt after playing some games to escape, not only the laziness of a weekend day, but also the SMELL of some backed up sewer nearby. Yick >_<

We wandered down to Haight street and went into the park where watched people and dogs and gophers, many of them high. Threw a frisbee badly, but it was windy. That's our excuse. Actually, he did ok. I've never been terribly adept with a plastic flying disc.

After that we were not hungry enough for much, but that didn't stop us eating too much fries 'n dip at Magnolia. We're going to back on Tuesday when his friend's fiancée is working. They brew their own beer in the basement, I guess. *shrug* I didn't have any that time. Maybe on Tuesday.

Anyways, it was nice to be outside. I've gotten into this almost frightening lethargy. I don't really have motivation to go anywhere. Tomorrow the museums are free and I'm going to make myself get up and see one. Today...bleh.

Firefox is going to I will publish this now.

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