Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Birthday goodness

Happyyyyyyy! Yesterday night was really fun. The boy got off work early so we could hang out and bake a cake. He brought home TONS of presents o_o including: a cute little quacking duck (complete with bowtie), play-doh XD, The Book of Go (which comes with a board and stuffs), Stratego, Brain Age, and New Super Mario Bros.!

We were going to go out for dinner and I couldn't make up my mind what to get. Then we had finally decided on sushi, but the place we went to was closed and there wasn't much else nearby. What we ended up doing, was going to the little grocery store on the hill to get cake necessities AND dinner. I got herby chicken which I had with some mashed potatos and salad at home. Super tasty. The boy got quiche and pasta salad.

When we got home I put stickers on all the Stratego pieces (quite an undertaking) so we could play and then we mixed up the cake. The blender didn't mix as well as I had hoped, at least as far as the batter was concerned, so Scott ended up mixing it by hand. He is REALLY good at that. Stratego was really fun (I got BEAT), but it took quite a while so by the time we were done it was a bit too late to make frosting and such, so I think we're going to do it this morning. We did play some NSMB, though, and then sacked out.

Awesome-me-me-me!! A very cool day.

There were still more facebook and myspace comments this morning (including one from Rat.) Later Randy's going to come over for some cake, if it's finished, that is XD

You may notice a distinct lack of alcohol in all of this. It's true. My 21st managed to go off without a drop XD I really don't mind, though. We were thinking about going out for something, but ended up playing games and stuff. It was really fun exactly the way it was. Plus, there is always time for booze later ;p



Dan P said...

Hi! I'm here from following your name-link when you posted for interview questions at Tohu Bohu. And... I notice that you got "The Book of Go" for your birthday.

I'm a little bit of a go evangelist; although the game can be as deep and mysterious as chess (or more), my experience is that it can be a fun entertainment all the way down to the beginner level. If you decide that you like the game, please feel free to contact me for a game on dragongoserver.net (my user name there is dan_percival).

In the meantime, I have a suggestion for you. _The Book of Go_ is an excellent resource, but I would suggest starting with an even gentler introduction to the game than that author does:

Instead of starting on the 9x9 board, draw a little 3x3 board on a piece of paper and start out playing the first-capture game on that. Within a couple-few games you'll figure out how black can always win; at that point, move up to a 5x5 board, then 7x7, then 9x9. Do the same routine when you move on to the full game -- the complexity of go all comes from the large number of possible moves, so playing on a trivially small board first helps narrow the choices and give you a feel for the patterns that come up a lot.

The other thing I'd add is to try out playing Capture Three -- the first person to have captured at least three stones wins -- in between First Capture and the full game.

I'm going to duck back out now... sorry if this was too nosy. Happy Birthday!

~dUcK! said...

Groovy, thanks for the tip.

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