Friday, July 07, 2006


The morning thus far (apart from an excursion for this horrible iced coffee I'm finished trying to force down and a banana) has been spent playing around with news aggregators and RSS.

I found one I like (except for the fact that it's having a really difficult time downloading about a quarter of the feeds I added...) and have been putzing a little. Note that that doesn't involve reading at all, which was the whole point.

Basically what I've come to understand is that I've been using my "Links" section here in my blog as a sort of aggregator. My blog is essentially my home base and I click on whatever sounds good. I may end up just linking all the new stuff I want to check out there. I mean, of course it's nice to have all the articles there for you. It makes it really easy to not miss anything (or miss only what sounds really boring and pointless.) One of the things that makes me so nervous about the news is that I don't know how to make sure I don't miss something.

On the other hand, there are plenty of sites that don't have feeds and I would still have to go to my blog for those anyways. Somehow it just feels sloppy. I feel like I should do it either all one way or all another way, but that won't happen. The aggregator is very handy and I should take advantage of it!

I really wish it would finish downloading those other things...maybe I need to read them? *wishes she could remember what they were...*


Well, I tried some other readers like Bloglines. That one seemed to be able to handle all the feeds I want, but I don't like the layout very much. It does seem like I could get a lot more READING done if I just went to the pages themselves and clicked around. By the time I'm done fooling around with all these sites I won't even want to read anymore :D It'll be like when we were little. We used to spend so much time setting up a game of pretend or the Barblies or the Polly Pockets that by the time we were finished we didn't want to play anymore (and we CERTAINLY didn't want to pick up the mess we made.)

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