Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve '07

Yesterday I got back from Wisconsin, packing a bunch of rad X-mas presents (minus the HD TV, which wouldn't fit--hopefully the post office can handle it, and by handle it, I mean actually deliver it to ME), some tasty X-mas cookies, and a cold, which has only gotten nastier. As a result of that last, I'm not really doing anything for New Year's Eve.

The plan was to go to Oleya's house and drink homemade eggnog, meet her bf, play videogames, probably watch cartoons or something, I dunno. Instead I'm having some soup and cookies, playing BioShock, probably gonna watch some anime...

Which sounded good, but I'm kinda bummed out now. I should just play more BioShock 'n stuff and not think about things but then I got all sappy and was reading back entries of my blog : /


I'm psyched to see the New Doctor Who ep. Scotty saw it already and he was happy about it, so it must be good.

Yesterday at the grocery store I bought some "Puffins" cereal's so delicious. If anyone who reads my blog is the reason I am addicted to these, please let me know. I had always meant to try them, but it was someone elses addiction that finally pushed me over the edge and I can't remember whose... All I know is that the original flavor is delicious. I bet the other kinds are good, too. Anyways, it's a good way to avoid eating whole wheat all. day. long. They are made out of corn.

Well, probably gonna do the dishes and play more BioShock. It's nice to just do whatever. I wish that soup would've been more filling. I feel like I didn't eat anything...except cookies heh. They're so good...

Hum : /

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Representative of X-mas Evening

It only LOOKS like this is all I did on X-mas. Clever editing.

Representative of X-mas Morning

We played some Blokus. Fun!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Everyone watch the new holiday classic!

So good.

I found it originally on boingboing, but you can find more stuff at For Tax Reasons.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

O: Return of the 'taku

I couldn't really think of a cornier title than that.

Anyways, net friend Louis, Oleya, and I HIT UP J-town today in a big way. First we stopped off for Okonomiyaki, which I haven't had since Tokyo. It was...amazingly delicious. Beefy, shrimpy, saucy, hot hot hot. I didn't burn my tongue though, surprisingly. We proceeded directly to the green tea ice cream cone for dessert, which was the exact brand of tastiness I had been pining away for.

After that it was time to see how much money we could save while ideally spending our entire bank accounts on manga, anime, snack food, etc. Personally, I picked up the first two Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga (in Japanese) as well as the first 20th Century Boys (also in Japanese.) I figure it's studying if I study them, right? You can make anything in a foreign language into studying! Just learn the words ;p I mean, that show is why I know what zetsubou means after all...

Speaking of shows, we ended up in the video store where for some reason they had more anime than I ever remember being aware they had. Pretty much anything I wanted was there, but we found the sale rack where Yami no Matsuei was only 28 dollars plus tax...the whole series. This was a nostalgia wave meant especially for me. Pre-viewed, but do I care? Do I really care? The answer is no. Oleya grabbed an identically pre-viewed and taped all together in a "box set" version of Love Hina and then we pranced away.

Nijiya was BONKERZ on a Saturday of course, and a near holiday Saturday you can expect even more. We grabbed some Gokuri Grapefruit (which they didn't have last time I was there!) and I picked up curry roux and SECRET INGREDIENT NUMBER 2 so I can make kickass X-mas Eve dinner for my family in WI.

Today is...awesome! I need to take a shower and eat some food before heading out to a concert. I don't even know who's playing, but Oleya does so it's cool :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Punkin' around

Well I did end up picking up some work this week. Turns out there are always more games to play (that aren't BioShock or Super Paper Mario, etc.) While running errands today, though, I picked myself up a year end game trade-in bonus extravaganza present. Took in a bunch of stuff I got for free and wasn't terribly keen on and came out with the Castlevania PSP game (with Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night) Fun stuff.

Recently been addicted to Blokus. It's a fun strategy game for four players...

Uhmmmmm...other than that been hanging out with friends. Oleya and I were burrito buddies and watched Ratatouille. Good movie, as of course, the entire rest of civilization already knew, heh. Dunno why I started blogging when I'm so tirrrrred. Sackin' out now.

Friday, December 14, 2007


My doggy died yesterday. Very sad. She was pretty old and had lots of problems, so my mom took her to the vet and they put her down. I guess we're gonna get the ashes and think of something nice to do. Maybe sprinkle them around out in the woods where we used to live.

Last night Oleya invited me to her company X-mas party, where we proceeded directly to the open bar. Not like we got plastered or anything, that's just all there was to do before the awesome dinner. I had prime rib with garlicky mashed potatoes and veggies. Even the salad and bread was ridiculously good. Finished off with the richest carrot cake I've ever had. So much creamy frosting it was almost cheesecake-like in consistency. Met some of her co-workers, which was fun. There was live jazz.

Today is my last day in-house at IGN as they've decided they don't need a freelancer to sit around bored at the office while there's nothing exciting going on in the PC dept. Just as well if other things pan out, I guess, but we'll have to see if they pan out.

I did manage to scrounge up some work to putter about on after the deadline on Saturday, which I STILL haven't written anything for. I think it's probably just that holiday syndrome. Well, that and I've just been out doing things.

Like eating too much Japanese food and watching Advent Children with dudes from IGN! That was fun. I liked the movie, too. So pretty, la la la. Yes, I know how late I am to this party.

Speaking of parties, we're supposed to be having a Rock Band etc thing at my house on Sunday completely with holiday cheer, but I really need to clean up my room if anyone is going to fit in it. Only four people, but I have enough trouble finding places for two. Need...shelves. I wish I could just move in a studio nowwwwwwwwww...

*impatience ensues*

Anyways, I don't have any work to do at the I'll just surf more.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A blog post

Oh hey I have this thing called a blog and I post on it!


Uhm, let's see. ELO. I really like ELO. I've been listening to Time nearly everyday. That and Sam's Town by The Killers, even though it came out last year. I'm also gonna start getting into Bowie. I can just feel it.

Other secret for now.

I spent Saturday afternoon in J-town. Found out they have the Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei manga at Kinokuniya, but they didn't have the first one. That's probably fine, since I spent enough money on miso ramen for lunch and snacks at Nijiya and the latest edition of Otaku USA (which I'm in, but probably not at my best...) annnnnd also an onomatopoeia book. I've never seen this one before and it impressed me with it's cute sample sentences. Also, there are adorable cartoon illustrations. The main character's name is Michey, which I'm pretty sure is a goofy misspelling of "Mickey" XD

So maybe now I'll study more.


If I get some freeeee time.

Been making some new friends, which is cool. Maybe I'll use some of my social time to learn about other people's hobbies even though I don't have time for my own.

That could be fun.

Also: I rock at making J-curry. After learning the ancient Japanese method from Kayo, my curry is amazoring. So happy.

Oleya and I feasted on it this evening and are now about to make cupcakes for her birthday. Then I will introduce her to Super Mario Galaxy and life will be good.