Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another blog, wtf?

Yes, it's true, but this one is different:


Right now it is still just a hosted blogger blog, but we shall see what the future holds *squints nobly towards the horizon*

Please to read about videogame adventures (and other such geekery).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So much to do, so...much to do

Even when I have a little time, I end up trying to go in so many directions at once, I get stuck. Example, I finished work before bedtime (NO WAI!) so I have a couple hours here to do something really great. Any number of things:

*read some fiction
*watch a TV show
*watch some anime
*read manga
*read some other comics
*read The New Yorker
*read Google News
*read about videogames
*translate some Famitsu
*translate some Japanese Google News
*play videogames
*practice kanji
*do some [Japanese] grammar drills
*work more

This is such epic fail. How can I be so good at thinking about all the things I want to be doing and be so bad at doing them? My brain hurts so much with all the stress of "free time" that I kind of just want to go to bed. Lame!

I was just trying to do some kanji and I couldn't even concentrate because of this game I found out about that I feel like I have to cover IMMEDIATELY, but I can't do that because I should be writing about Onechanbara RIGHT NOW, but I wanted to take a break from work first! Round and round...

And now it gets really meta, cuz what am I doing now? I'm blogging about it. Ugh. And I already updated my FaceBook status about it. The only reason Twitter doesn't know is because they are down for updates. I.e. they are accomplishing things while I think myself into total paralysis.

The other thing that is bugging me is how I'm supposed to eat out twice this weekend on a budget of approximately 3 dollars.

And as long as I'm emptying my brain here I've been having some issues trying to figure out who to pitch stuff to. Obviously I need to get paid, but obviously I also need to just BE WRITING. It's very important that I just produce SOMETHING. I should be writing everyday. Should I make my own game blog? I have a blogger address all set aside, but who will read it? Should I work for free? Once again I'm at a loss because all this thinking is meaning that I'm not actually PRODUCING. Maybe I'll register a domain and do something.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trend pic

I took one last year, so I might as well this year. It's me! Single! On Valentine's Day. Mom sent me some cash dollars for a treat, which probably means ice cream. I got some work done this morning, so maybe I deserve it.

Valentine's Day on a three-day weekend

Non-single people must feel so lucky!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notice my new Twitter sidebar

I joined a lonnnnng time ago, but just realized that it's handy for updating my FaceBook status remotely. We'll see how that works out. I've read other user's complaints about the FaceBook app, mainly that they don't want EVERY tweet going up. I feel like if there is something I'd rather say privately to someone, though, I can just text their phone? That makes sense to me.

In other news, uh, work :D lol What did you expect? I might play tennis tomorrow if it's nice. I will eat half a burrito for lunch and return the iPod I borrowed from my friend. I will review write my Crayon Physics Deluxe review, finally, and be ready for the new deluge of stuff from Otaku USA (as much as they will give me). I will play Flower and Henry Hatsworth. Hopefully there will be other exciting things to get up to...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Encouraging discovery for those rainy no tennis sadface days

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but over X-mas was I realized I am much better at running in place than at running running. It was snowy and icy and freezing outside, so I jogged for a while in the basement and felt really good.

Granted running in place is way easier, but maybe if I start there I can work my way up to running forward. I did some sprints on the tennis court the other day and it nearly killed me ;D This way I was actually succumbing to muscle fatigue before breathing problems or weird heart palpitations could crop up, which, you know, IS AWESOME. It's awesome to not feel your heart trying to flutter up your throat when you're trying to just work out and have fun.

The i.e. of all of that is that the tennis courts were soggy today, so I jogged in the apt. Feels more purposeful than dancing around ;D although Perfume is some good dancing around music...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Back to the dating, chillins

Singleness. I guess it's silly to note having a boyfriend and then not note being broken up. Things weren't working out at all, really.

Keeping myself busy, though. Lots of work to do, even if it isn't always writing about videogames. Actually, it seems like it rarely is these days, what with all the slashed freelance budgets.

I know I need to update my study blog, more, but you know, I also need to study more ;D

It's been suggested that I learn Spanish, and at this point, I don't think I'm against that (not that I ever was, obviously...but I've just been trying to find a way to get to Japan). I'm sure I could get a good job if I were bilingual Spanish, and it would be a hell of a lot easier to do that around here. I mean, I could just hang out with the people at the gelato shop downstairs, even. We'll see. I really want to just get fluent in Japanese -_- It seems like focusing would be best, but I dunno. I was learning three languages successfully in college, so...I dunno, I dunno.

Tennis is still going well, I think. Trying to figure out my serve. It's been rough. I have a new partner, although I think our first meet-up will be rained out. It's decided to be winter proper again, for a bit.

Tonight had dinner with some colleagues. Pretty exciting to see people, actually. I really like feeling like I have co-workers, or at least, you know...colleagues. People. I don't like being alone in the living room all day...

Tomorrow I'm going to Berkeley. I haven't been in ages, and really the only time I was downtown in the happening area was for an event at the comic shop. Gotta make sure I get a bunch of work done before that, though. Like maybe some user support and at least one article. I can take Henry Hatsworth with me on the BART. Working on that review has been the highlight of my week, probably.