Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So much to do, so...much to do

Even when I have a little time, I end up trying to go in so many directions at once, I get stuck. Example, I finished work before bedtime (NO WAI!) so I have a couple hours here to do something really great. Any number of things:

*read some fiction
*watch a TV show
*watch some anime
*read manga
*read some other comics
*read The New Yorker
*read Google News
*read about videogames
*translate some Famitsu
*translate some Japanese Google News
*play videogames
*practice kanji
*do some [Japanese] grammar drills
*work more

This is such epic fail. How can I be so good at thinking about all the things I want to be doing and be so bad at doing them? My brain hurts so much with all the stress of "free time" that I kind of just want to go to bed. Lame!

I was just trying to do some kanji and I couldn't even concentrate because of this game I found out about that I feel like I have to cover IMMEDIATELY, but I can't do that because I should be writing about Onechanbara RIGHT NOW, but I wanted to take a break from work first! Round and round...

And now it gets really meta, cuz what am I doing now? I'm blogging about it. Ugh. And I already updated my FaceBook status about it. The only reason Twitter doesn't know is because they are down for updates. I.e. they are accomplishing things while I think myself into total paralysis.

The other thing that is bugging me is how I'm supposed to eat out twice this weekend on a budget of approximately 3 dollars.

And as long as I'm emptying my brain here I've been having some issues trying to figure out who to pitch stuff to. Obviously I need to get paid, but obviously I also need to just BE WRITING. It's very important that I just produce SOMETHING. I should be writing everyday. Should I make my own game blog? I have a blogger address all set aside, but who will read it? Should I work for free? Once again I'm at a loss because all this thinking is meaning that I'm not actually PRODUCING. Maybe I'll register a domain and do something.

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