Thursday, February 12, 2009

Notice my new Twitter sidebar

I joined a lonnnnng time ago, but just realized that it's handy for updating my FaceBook status remotely. We'll see how that works out. I've read other user's complaints about the FaceBook app, mainly that they don't want EVERY tweet going up. I feel like if there is something I'd rather say privately to someone, though, I can just text their phone? That makes sense to me.

In other news, uh, work :D lol What did you expect? I might play tennis tomorrow if it's nice. I will eat half a burrito for lunch and return the iPod I borrowed from my friend. I will review write my Crayon Physics Deluxe review, finally, and be ready for the new deluge of stuff from Otaku USA (as much as they will give me). I will play Flower and Henry Hatsworth. Hopefully there will be other exciting things to get up to...

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