Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huge oversight (the return of sucknot)

Wow, so check out the TOP LINK in my blogroll now. Yes, it's mine. Maybe that is tacky, but I don't care. It's BACK and it's ROCKIN', so check it out.

EDIT: 9 months ago to the day I started the first post on that blog like so,

This is the first step to not sucking at Japanese. Admit it, you suck! I suck! We try and try, but we are un-near to fluency. We are far. Knowing you don't know is much better than assuming you do. You can say まだまだ行きます and keep on plugging away.


Also, Happy Obama Day. Damn, I gotta go to bed so I can wake up in the morning, lol.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, you know what is going well?

Tennis! Oh, hell yes. Started last week. Played Monday, Wednesday; skipped Friday in favor of Saturday--a mistake which will not be repeated--and got pushed back to today. It's been lovely. No sore hand, no sore foot. Just the minor, oh-hey-it's-working muscle aches. So far been playing just an hour, but I'm kinda hoping to up it a bit soon. 90 minutes seems fair. Haven't been playing sets yet, so it's mostly just whacking back and forth.

Today was sort of frustrating. I think I just need to keep hitting. I seem to be able to adjust my swings pretty well when I screw up, but there is still a wide range of errors: the over-lobbed, the over-spun, the just plain wrong angles that your racket should never be held at. Most of the time I just feel like I'm not hitting that sweet magical spot. I sort of wish I could spend some quality time with a ball machine and drill drill drill drill drill drill drill. I'm big on placement. Straight down the line, crossing to the line--I just want to be able to whip the balls wherever. I know my swings just need work. I mean, especially when I'm backed up practically to the wall. It's hard to know how far back you can get without running into something. I've been slicing a lot of backhands to compensate which is not what I need to be doing right now. Every once in a while I really rip a cross court backhand, and that's the kind of thing I need to be looking to do.

Other than that, what, I need to eat healthier and all the fish lately is a good start. Still trying to come down off the holidays both in terms of food and just work ethic. I've been super lazy , but the gearing up for Japanese grad school has given me some pretty ambitious goals to work with. I should really try to figure out exactly how much money I need, so I can figure out how much money I should try to somehow make. Luckily, it sounds like I can keep my (new, upgraded) user support/spam warrior job even while I'm in Japan, as long as I can keep it up everyday (which, why couldn't I?)

I guess for the first time ever I'm going to watch the inauguration. That should be interesting.

I need to keep up with my blog better, even if it's just two sentences, because otherwise I'll be really upset when I look back in a year or two and find that I hadn't been keeping a record ;p

Saturday, January 03, 2009


So last night driving home from seeing Milk (Awesome movie on an important topic! Please go!) with my boyfriend (which, yeah, what? When did that happen? XD XD XD I guess I should post more often...) I very nearly said "lol" with my laugh response. It wasn't going to be instead of laughing, but rather that the "lol" would set up the laughter. Or who knows, maybe I wouldn't have ended up laughing. It's hard to say, because the sudden "lol" impulse REALLY cracked me up. Is this true geekhood?

Today Three is visiting from Japan, which rocks. I'm excited to do pretty much whatever he wants to do, although it sounds like our interests for this lazy Saturday coincide pretty well: movies and videogames. We'll have dinner with Mikael (=boy) at El Metate. I wish I could bring Oleya, too.

For now I really need to do some work.