Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, you know what is going well?

Tennis! Oh, hell yes. Started last week. Played Monday, Wednesday; skipped Friday in favor of Saturday--a mistake which will not be repeated--and got pushed back to today. It's been lovely. No sore hand, no sore foot. Just the minor, oh-hey-it's-working muscle aches. So far been playing just an hour, but I'm kinda hoping to up it a bit soon. 90 minutes seems fair. Haven't been playing sets yet, so it's mostly just whacking back and forth.

Today was sort of frustrating. I think I just need to keep hitting. I seem to be able to adjust my swings pretty well when I screw up, but there is still a wide range of errors: the over-lobbed, the over-spun, the just plain wrong angles that your racket should never be held at. Most of the time I just feel like I'm not hitting that sweet magical spot. I sort of wish I could spend some quality time with a ball machine and drill drill drill drill drill drill drill. I'm big on placement. Straight down the line, crossing to the line--I just want to be able to whip the balls wherever. I know my swings just need work. I mean, especially when I'm backed up practically to the wall. It's hard to know how far back you can get without running into something. I've been slicing a lot of backhands to compensate which is not what I need to be doing right now. Every once in a while I really rip a cross court backhand, and that's the kind of thing I need to be looking to do.

Other than that, what, I need to eat healthier and all the fish lately is a good start. Still trying to come down off the holidays both in terms of food and just work ethic. I've been super lazy , but the gearing up for Japanese grad school has given me some pretty ambitious goals to work with. I should really try to figure out exactly how much money I need, so I can figure out how much money I should try to somehow make. Luckily, it sounds like I can keep my (new, upgraded) user support/spam warrior job even while I'm in Japan, as long as I can keep it up everyday (which, why couldn't I?)

I guess for the first time ever I'm going to watch the inauguration. That should be interesting.

I need to keep up with my blog better, even if it's just two sentences, because otherwise I'll be really upset when I look back in a year or two and find that I hadn't been keeping a record ;p

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