Saturday, January 03, 2009


So last night driving home from seeing Milk (Awesome movie on an important topic! Please go!) with my boyfriend (which, yeah, what? When did that happen? XD XD XD I guess I should post more often...) I very nearly said "lol" with my laugh response. It wasn't going to be instead of laughing, but rather that the "lol" would set up the laughter. Or who knows, maybe I wouldn't have ended up laughing. It's hard to say, because the sudden "lol" impulse REALLY cracked me up. Is this true geekhood?

Today Three is visiting from Japan, which rocks. I'm excited to do pretty much whatever he wants to do, although it sounds like our interests for this lazy Saturday coincide pretty well: movies and videogames. We'll have dinner with Mikael (=boy) at El Metate. I wish I could bring Oleya, too.

For now I really need to do some work.

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