Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Leisurely Account of What Today Has Brought Thus Far

The sky was very grumpy-looking this morning. I was certain it would rain all over me on my way to Starbucks for the open interview session, but things cleared up in a jiffy without me even noticing. Turned out quite beautiful.

The first dilemma of the day was the distressing lack of fruit around the house. There was juice and preserves, neither of which are fit (as bananas are) to put in cereal. So, I had it plain. On the bright side, I managed to figure out a recipe that will work for the coffee we bought the other day. The recommended amount per 6 oz of water stated by the package makes ridiculously strong. Trial and error have brought us to a happy level.

My laptop died while I was in the shower. All I asked was that it play me the new Phoenix CD, but apparently that was too much for it to handle. The screen was a pretty blue color. I think now the battery is dead.

On the way to Starbucks I was glared at by a boy in a cable car. They rolled by and he didn't take his eyes off me. Would've been rather creepy if he wasn't in the middle of the car going away up the hill. A fairly intense gaze.

Later on I was halfway across the street when an undercover cop car suddenly started flashing and sirening. It was a little awkward because he wasn't really moving fast when he did it. Seemed silly for him to stop at the light, though, with all the noise he was making, so I ended up moving back (though I wasn't really in his way yet...) Strange!

My interview went pretty well. I arrived early and casually at a fruit salad until 1 o'clock. It was my second job fair at the same location. Maybe I'm right for the company now, since I won't be leaving in September. I feel like I answered all of her questions well. Also noted that it would be pretty nifty if I could work at one of the stores near Mission and 2nd, where the boy is. I should be hearing about this in the next couple of days, and if not Starbucks, then maybe Golden Gate Perk.

After that, the boy and I had lunch at the sandwich place near his work. The toasty one. I had roast beef and provolone with lettuce, tomato, and mustard. Unfortunately all the veggies did was take away from the yummy taste of the meat. Still very tasty, though. It was good to have lunch together today, because I know the rest of his week is really busy. Have to take advantage of the days that work.

Frank Chu was following me around. Well, maybe not, but I saw him twice. We must make similar rounds.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that the coin-op laundry place around the corner stole fifty cents from me, which not only puts me out fifty cents, but also ruins plans for clean clothes. I really wanted that detergent. Of course, there are other things I can clean this afternoon, but that little disheartening episode has taken a bit of the wind out of my sails.

Hence, a brief bout of surfing, and making sure we spell "hordes" correctly each time.

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