Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nighttime episodes

I nearly burned down the kitchen. Burner was on too high for too long (on accident) and started to burn a flipper and part of the stove. Had melted the dial to turn it off so I had to twist the inside of it by using a pair of scissors. Got it off, blew out the utensil, but it was or burny or whatever that it started back up on it's own.

My metal filling came out. Big hole in my teeth. I hate dreams where my mouth falls apart.

Broken bathroom. All the stalls had SOMETHING wrong with them...sometimes no walls, sometimes no toilet, othertimes a mess, sometimes no water in the bowl, no paper, a big hole in the floor so you couldn't reach, etc.

Another longer dream connected to the second two involving my sophomore (high school) English teacher and another fellow I didn't recognize. We were all hanging out for some reason, and then an alert was called and we were supposed to head to the basement. For some reason they wanted to stay upstairs. It was a little creepy. Then we ended up going to some sort of show together, like local indie bands or something at this theater. For some reason everyone assumed I would know all the girl punk bands.



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