Thursday, June 22, 2006


Can I just say that today is REALLY long?


I already moaned and groaned about how bored I am here, but I felt I could maybe add something to that by...

wasting time on blogger...


Tomorrow I will go back to Hannspree and see if they will let me borrow a TV. If not, I will just write the "article" with what I have. It's not like it's a treatise or anyting. Just a quick blurb to show the world some nifty TVs. It seems like maybe the people at the store will be expecting more. I have seen their press book. Ack.

The boy got home way late last night from work so he slept in till...about 1ish? I didn't think he was going to, so I kept checking in on him while reading/interneting/video gaming/eating. Now that he's gone to work I'm just sort of doing the same stuff only without the interludes of wake-up kisses and stuff.

I should just force myself to study or clean or something. There is just really nothing I have the patience to stick to right now.

I feel like I should go outside or something, but there is nowhere I want to go. I can't grocery shop or anything cuz I have pretty much zero dollars. If I were really intrepid I would surprise the world and do the dishes, but that just isn't happening.

I have all these excuses for not working on cleaning. For instance, I need to get stuff off the floor so I can wash it. I can't get stuff off the floor until the bookshelf is done. Also I want to wash stuff before we put it away because everything is uber(disgustingly) dusty. In the bedroom there are clean clothes and dirty clothes and lots of dust and gadgets etc. I have no idea what to do with it all. I've basically been brought to a standstill. I think I might be able to assemble the desk (by assemble I only really mean to put the computer back on top of it instead of on the floor...) That just needs some dusting and...moving things and stuff. I could probably do that. It's not that productive, but at least it's something.

OH I remember my excuse for not doing that. It's cuz the boy was thinking about maybe moving it over there *points*


*frustration with nearly everything*

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