Saturday, January 05, 2008


It's come to my attention rather organically that if I borrow that phrase as my last slogan then we hit both extremes as well as the middle paradox.

Oleya and I are meeting up to see There Will Be Blood and I...can't wait! I'm going to leave early toting the copy of Wicked my mom gave me for X-mas (with the Chicago Broadway ticket--good show o_o) So far I'm enjoying the book even more than the musical, which is to be expected, I guess. So far it's a lot grittier, and uh...sexful.

Ha, I think I like that word. Now we can call all those prowling she-cats "sexful seductresses."

What am I talking about?

So yeah, we'll go see this new film that I am so hotly anticipating for whatever reason, and then we'll have some food. I am drawn to the idea of stopping by Golden Era for some vegan Chinese, but not irrevocably.

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op said...

that movie was good! i was trying to remember where i saw paul dano before, and then i realized he was in little miss sunshine. i probably should have had golden era instead of thai. oh well. mrr, i wish i wasn't feeling so blah right now. anyway, thanks for recommending the movie! i had fun! ^^