Saturday, January 05, 2008


To go with MORE HOBBY, LESS BULLSHIT, stemming from a conversion with teh best friend regarding life, the Internet, and everything.

Today I am thinking specifically (and this is what I asked her just before announcing my coming here), " can I simultaneously want to insulate and expand??????"

HOW can I possibly at the exact same time (this brand spanking 08 day) want to scurry further down the rodent hole of my own exciting hobbies and yearn to broaden horizons till the sky warps?

I think the important way to start, which was expressed yesterday in the SOMETHING, ANYTHING line, is to realize that you don't have to learn everything. Stop being paralyzed by your tiny self and realize you will never wrap your mind around every single thing. If you look at something new and different everyday, no matter how briefly, then you're at least going somewhere.

Does this all become rather trite if I then express my exuberance upon finding that NPR streams a hell of a lot more than it used to? i.e. everything? I can listen to All Things Considered! I can listen to World Cafe!

As I explained to Oleya the other day, semaphores have always been my poster-boy for the SOMETHING, ANYTHING endeavor because I have always found them fascinating for some reason. I jokingly requested that we make flags and spend weekend afternoons across a park from each other.

And then we could sign things like "rofl lollerskates" and life would be complete.

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op said...

semaphores are actually quite exciting. i'm up for signing things like "UTFG". how do i semaphore? answer: UTFW! and to wikipedia i go...