Friday, January 04, 2008

Let us think not of...

...the Great Hinge.

...the weather.

...tomato soup.

Tomato soup isn't really soup at all, at least not the limited varieties I have come across. It is to be used almost exclusively as sandwich dipping sauce. I mean, ok, ketchup people, would you drink ketchup? CERTAINLY NOT. Thus, tomato soup shall not be slurped, but rather consumed secondarily riding the crust of a grilled cheese sandwich that you actually baked in the oven instead at 400 degrees.

For breakfast.

It's actually a really great breakfast on an intensely rainy day while trying to occupy yourself so as not to contemplate LARGER MATTERS. Especially when there are still X-mas cookies left, too.

Today my goal is not to clean my room, but rather, I think, to...finish BioShock and maybe write up an import preview of Xyanide, and maybe finish Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates, too. Finishings of the day be known! I'm obviously not going anywhere:

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