Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tale of Two Sad Foods

Sad Food, the first:

Oleya and I hit up the Café du Nord on Saturday night to see Thao with The Get Down Stay Down. The concert was great! The food...was MISERABLE. It was meant to be a splurge, as it was rather expensive, and seemed fancy. SEEMED. It was not. We ordered mac 'n cheese and made the mistake of ordering a whole separate salad, not realizing that they did have enough foresight to offer some greens with the meal itself.

The mac 'n cheese came in two triangle wedges, which was nice looking and easy to share. It wasn't very hot, though, and it tasted very cheap. It was "spicy" mac 'n cheese, but the spices--yes, the best way I can think to describe the way they tasted is "cheap," if that even makes sense. The whole thing tasted like it came out of a box, maybe, although Oleya remarked that she has had better tasting box food before, and I would have to agree.

The extra salad we ordered mostly went to waste. It was huge unwieldy wedges of iceberg, which could be foreseen from the description in the menu, but they were just too huge, the wedges. You almost had to pick them up with your hands and just take bit wet crunchy bites. We were not about to do that. I ate a couple of the tomatos and Oleya picked off the blue cheese.

All in all, a very Sad Food.

Sad Food, the second:

Yesterday I wanted to have some fish for lunch, but the oven is broken so I couldn't heat up my (embarrassingly delicious) frozen cod filets. I instead decided to go out for a sandwich, and used the Internet to try to see if I could locate a good one nearby. I found a site that told me the Honey Baked Ham Company right down the street does a sandwich and two sides for four dollars. That had to be seen to be believed, so I put on my coat.

I had originally planned on ham and cheese, baked beans, and spinach. Well, they don't melt the cheese anymore and they didn't have any baked beans. Screw that. So I ordered the turkey cranberry plain, just the turkey and cranberry, and was hoping for something as close to a baguette as possible. No go, and I ended up going with squaw bread because when I asked her what it was she described it as a dark, whole grain bread. REALLY, she should said that it would add to the horrific candy taste permeating EVERY SINGLE THING THEY SELL, or at least the turkey, cranberry sauce, and that bread. The "honey" in their name is not a joke, nor is it subtle. You have to be very careful how you utilize such intensely honey'd meat. Aiiiiie. So this sandwich was just not very good.

But still I somehow decided I should eat the rest of it for breakfast this morning. Ugh.



Oleya Pearsall said...

when i first read this, i thought it said "tale of two sad fools", meaning us. V_V

Emily said...

Yeah, Ian said you've been depressed lately : / We are not sad fools, dude!! :D