Monday, February 11, 2008

Dr. Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine *spoilers?* or ENTICEMENT

Have you seen this movie? I picked it nearly at random this evening to stream off of Netflix's website. I say nearly because the idea was something old and funny. Then I saw Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon's names next to each other. Done deal.

As if that isn't great enough, it takes place in San Franciso. And not just like, "Oh we're in San Francisco, here are some establishing shots" although there are plenty of those. We're talking high speed chase down Lombard Street, down the wharf, in the marina, over the bridge, through China Town, even West Portal for a second. Yeah, they warp all over hell in their effort to cram in as many landmarks as possible.

Plus, and this was the most surprising of all surprises, a cameo by The Pit and the Pendulum itself. Obviously a bit of a parody, but from the moment they walked down that staircase into the dank dark basement I said, "Hey, that looks like--" when all of the sudden Goldfoot has got one of the young lads strapped in and ready to have his shirt slit. AMAZING. I couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately it looks like you can't actually find this on DVD yet? Otherwise I assume Netflix would rent it out as well, but at the moment all you can do is stream it. If goofy fun is what you're looking for, then stream it if you can :D

EDIT: Apparently it can be found on DVD, but not at Netflix.

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Joseph Luster said...

Oh man, anything Price is right up my alley.