Friday, February 15, 2008

the no-house blues

Well, not quite yet.

We're all to be out by the 15th of March. So that's in a month, which is really only half a month, because who moves in the middle of the month? I for one, hope to be out asap.

I have one appt tomorrow so far, with a fellow who recognized the Wisconsin area code of my phone. So that's promising maybe.

In other news, well, I've fallen a bit behind on work. Need to review both Zoo Tycoon 2 and The Experiment this weekend, in order to be all set for GDC, which...oddly enough, I still don't know my schedule for. If it's not too hectic I'll be able to start on Patapon, which will be XD

Might meet up with Marc after that appt for some movie/food action, if he has time. Other than that...well, the Ripten cohorts will be showing up on Sunday, so I think we're all having sushi or something in the evening.

Today my schedule was all bizarre. The vibe around the house has been breezy and strange since all of the cleaning and packing happening with my roomie who is leaving. His parents have been buzzing around with mops and rags and boxes and piles of things they want to give to us to save them from the dump. We have nowhere to put things! Anyways, they seem nice. I had to get away for a while cuz it was just too cold. Starbucks, and then the library. <3 the library.

Ate a late late lunch at this little cafe. Buffet style, but not self-serve. I had basil chicken and rice which would've been fine but for the excess of oil. Very cheap though. After three the prices drop by 30% so I only paid $3.60 for a big plate of food.

No plans tonight. Probably will end up reading or working more or something. Or I guess I have a movie I could watch.

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