Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuxedo Garden Get-Away

So I'm at my dad's place on Turtle Point in Tuxedo Park. Gonna head into NYC tomorrow and probably on Friday to get up to who know's what. It'll be nice to see Jon again, and meeting up with Joseph for the first time is going to rock. Tonight we're going to an awesome little Italian place for dinner with my dad's gf annnnd I guess until then I'm just gonna play games for work and maybe read some stuff. I dunno. I guess I should surf the internet on this GINORMOUS mac.Catch up on the forums...

Well, yesterday I caught up in QC and other comics I still like. Sad to see Animals Have Problems Too go, but I guess if it's not updating anymore there is no use pretending.

Hopefully by the time I get back I'll have three prong adapters for all my two prong outlets at Koji's place. The move went well, but the guys with the van were complete idiots/jerks/the kind of people I never ever want to hang out with...ever. Quite frankly I'm sad I had to give them money. Buuuut you know, better luck next time. I was drawn by their one hour (instead of two hour) minimum and low low price of 55 dollars per hour. Mike also helped and then he, Koji, and I had dinner in J-town. Good foods! Leftover oyakodon makes a delicious breakfast, especially when you wake up in someone else's house and have to rummage in someone else's fridge to find it and use someone else's microwave to heat it up so you can munch it while sitting at someone else's pc


to check what time your flight leaves.

It was an odd morning, Monday.

But hey, it's only temporary and at least I'm not homeless! Score for not homeless!

Maybe Oleya and I will hang out this weekend and cook up some tasty food in the kitchen that is not mine.

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