Thursday, February 07, 2008

EmaWii Vs. Jar - Round 2 -- YOU LOSE


Why does Trader Joe seal their jars to the point where it is impossible to retrieve the contents? I would very much like some SAUCE on these DELICIOUS ravioli, but it doesn't seem likely to happen anytime soon. I'm not a wimp, I swear. I can open other jars. I noticed the pattern after recalling that my jar of raspberry jelly is STILL unopened in the fridge, because even after running it under hot water (drying it) and trying, the lid wouldn't budge.

Prying failed this evening as well. I felt like the butterknife would snap. There really wasn't much leverage there anyways.

I give up. I will probably go to a normal store tomorrow and buy some sauce. Either that or just eat more plain ravioli, but that is getting a little depressing.

I finished the train sim review today, THANK GOD, and frolicked on down to that glorious library to read The New Yorker. Got through the article about stalled justice in Atlanta. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow for a break in the afternoon.

Other than that...I should really work on some Japanese at some point. Sommmmme poinnnnnt...soon.

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