Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Quick summary of current events

1) Driving school has been suspended until further notice. If anyone wants to help me out with that, or has a good suggestion on affordable road lessons in San Francisco, please comment!

2) Voted at City Hall since I couldn't find my local spot. Gah, what a line. And then at the end of the line there was...another line! I couldn't believe it >_< Anyways, GObama!

3) Crab and Grits ftw. Oleya and I ate at The Front Porch last night because I had to try the Best New Dish of 2007 (according to SF Weekly). It was suuuuper rich. Came in a big shallow ceramic dish, grits first. Then crab, chickerling peas, green onion, spicy oil, and lemon, probably some other stuff on top. I could've done with less of the oil. It was delicious, but I really enjoyed the flavor of the grits themselves, too, and it was too much. What I tended to do was take crab and other ingredients out of the middle, scooped off the top, and then grab some of the virgin grits from the edge of the bowl...until they ran out, heh. Really tasty. I would order it again except if I go back there I will maybe have to try the fish or pork chop or something.

We also had the fried plantains as an appetizer, which they arranged for special for us. Usually it comes with a specific meal, but I had to see if they would give us some...and they did! These two, were sort of spicy, but the sweetness still came through very well.

4) Train sim of doom. I'm reviewing a game right now, you might be able to guess which one. You might also be able to guess that I'm not a rail buff. I'm trying very hard. Tomorrow I will recommence the process. I think I made some headway poking around in the forums for a while today, so I might be able to achieve a bit more success.

5)I want to go back to the new library asap. It's brilliant. The space is really nice, smells all new, Japanese collection, magazines to read... Probably will go next Monday again. See what the news mags have to say about the primaries so far.

6) Oh, I'm just rambling now, probably. Tonight I'm gonna switch gears to Culdcept Saga, so my brain doesn't melt.

7) Why are Trader Joe's jars so hard to open? I had ravioli with no sauce tonight because (just like the jelly that is still sealed in my fridge) I couldn't pop the lid. I have been told to use a screwdriver (or a butter knife would probably work...)

8). . .

Yeah, I guess that's it. Today was not too exciting. Just food and work and putzing on the net.

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