Saturday, December 16, 2006


I received what amounts to one yesterday regarding that 1Up intern spot. This obviously created lots of intense fear and excitement :D Stayed up late writing another sample (since that is what they requested) to send today.

The other good news is that I finished my politics paper yesterday. I was a bit worried because when I went to go send it, I found that he had sent out another round of revisions. Luckily he let me just submit what I had. For those of you keeping track, this means I now have but one exam keeping me from X-mas, New Year's, and my precious freedom.

Scotty's train missed him last night, so he should be arriving at some point today. Hopefully around 3, since the next train wouldn't be until 6:10 again...

It's pretty cold in the apt. I will have a shower and play games or read or something. Still so sleepy, but I couldn't lie around anymore @_@

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