Friday, April 18, 2008

How inapplicable my title is

I know, I know, I should just start a new study blog.

I've been toying with the idea.

God knows I need another blog to not update. Except I would update! I really would. In fact I'd update everyday after studying. It's probably a terrific way to cap the experience...

the experience of studying.

To further enhance my study experience I have made two purchases, which I fully expect to be far more successful than past similar purchases.

1. The uber version of Kakitori-kun.

2. Japanese Graded Readers Level 1 - Volume 1 (w/CD), which, admit it, you totally knew I would buy.

This comes as a direct result of receiving recently in the mail $270 dollars I had not counted on seeing ever again. Obviously these things did not cost me $270 dollars, so I still make money on the deal.

Thankfully, I also make Japanese study materials that I feel will benefit me GREATLY, in fact, to a ridiculous degree.

Expect full impressions soon after they arrive, which won't be for at least a couple weeks.

Next time I get money I wasn't expecting, I'm buying this.

Until then, someone please invite me to live in an empty room in their San Francisco flat? I'm such a good roomie.

Also, now all we need is one of these:

only with American lit, British lit, Russian lit, translated Japanese lit, many lits as we can fit. Someone get on that.


Anonymous said...

Alright, what's that sky colored icon

大 乱 交スマッシュブ ラジャーズ said...

ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww