Monday, June 04, 2007



It means THREE PIECE SUIT. How cool is that? そろい is the general term for "suit" or "uniform." I wonder which wearing verb you use for it.

Anyhow, obviously trying to make this crazy study thing fun. Been reviewing the genki books and working on the intermediate stuff like I planned. Not entirely sure what I'm doing, but hopefully it'll work out ok. Gonna go through the kanji book and go through the vocab and stuff in the textbook and see if keeping it separate like that will work. Although it's always easier to learn kanji for words you actually know rather than try to learn MORE new words with new kanji. It's a problem I've probably mentioned before. I'm not sure how to avoid it because if you tried to learn the kanji for every new word you learned you would be sunk almost instantly. Far too many to move at such a pace, and if you didn't move at such a pace, your vocab would barely grow at all...

Not that we don't forget everything anyways.

And of course just as I really get going it's going to be time to leave. I didn't have time to read. I didn't have time to play Dungeon Runners or anything else or watch a cartoon. I guess I washed the dishes, took out the trash, and did a load of laundry, but that all seems so pointless. It happens ALL THE TIME so it's hardly an accomplishment. I hate hate HATE taking time away from stuff that is either important to me and/or fun to do things I dislike for money. It's also become very frustrating again to apply for jobs I don't want because I feel like maybe soon MAYBE just MAYYYYYYYBE a job will open up that I DO want and then I will be screwed into screwing someone else over. I hate thinking about this stuff and I was trying not to and just have a relaxing morning before wasting my afternoon, but dammit I can't help but be in a crappy mood about SOMEthing, it seems like.

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