Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Hello. Going out tonight?"

I couldn't tell if he was actually hitting on me or just making fun of how frumpy I looked. Really though, I had every right to look frumpy. It was Friday night of a rather ass-kicking (meaning it kicked my ass, although there was nothing wrong with it) week. Scary, considering it only really started on Wednesday. Those three days, though, were pretty much full to the brim with work and as much play as I could smash in.

I guess the biggest news item is that I'm going to be at wcities until something better comes along. That could be taken as a given, really, except I was hoping something had perhaps come along already, which it hasn't. Wednesday morning with them was no sweat. A five hour Thursday shift was cake, compared to five hours at Nijiya, which of course, sometimes turns into six because (as the argument recently goes) "It's still light out." Yes, so let's continue to let people in until 8:30 after close because the sun hasn't gone completely below the horizon. Not like anyone notices I'm only scheduled 'till 8. Not like anyone notices how often it is PAINFUL for me to stand there. I was thinking about it. It's not really the cashiering that bothers me. I like that. It's just people and incidents and being kept past my schedule, etc.

For example (and this has already been vented on a billion times irl, but for those who haven't heard it yet...) there was this older lady the other day who came in and I checked her out, packed up her groceries the way I normally would. Well, normally for Nijiya. You may remember that post that I'm not going to bother linking to (sorry) I put up when I first started about all the various wrapping practices that go on there. It's pretty lame. Anyhow, I tried to do an ok job and she bit my head off, "ZEN ZEN DAME No experience! You're so bad!" She then proceeded to unpack all her stuff at the end of my lane for like 20 minutes, wouldn't let me help, kept repeating how bad I was, how I can't wrap anything, and making sure every customer who came through during that time knew it too. "This girl is so bad. She can't wrap anything!" Flaming hell!

At wcities if you make a mistake that gets noticed an editor will come and somewhat sternly request that you change it, but at least there are no crabby old ladies. The job isn't quite as engaging as the fast paced cashiering, but for some reason it also goes by a lot faster. Maybe just cuz I'm used to sitting at a computer? Thursday all I did for five hours was work on a spreadsheet google doc. There was this ginormous list of fnac venues that a bunch of us French speakers were asked to check the database for. If it was there, we listed the entry number and display title. If it wasn't, we put "create" and tried to find a website for it. That's what I did for five hours. Got a couple breaks to hit the bathroom and have lunch. Was pretty ok.

Of course, I can think of things that would be better.

Like writing about video games all day. Speaking of which, I think I'm probably supposed to be doing that now before we launch into the Doctor Who/Cleaning marathon.

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