Sunday, June 03, 2007

Guess what I got?

My copy of the first issue of Otaku USA! It's read and reported on, but if you're too lazy to click through for the full story, it's a good buy.

Funny, I went to Kinokuniya on the way to work the other day to reserve my copy, since it was supposed to be out June 5. When I asked, though, the man at the check-out told me they didn't carry it. Was wandering back towards Nijiya when all of the sudden I hear he's flagging me down with a copy of the magazine, "We do have it!" So I asked if I could have it set aside, which seemed to confuse him. He sold it to me right then and there!!

Anyways, awesome stuff. Looking forward to seeing the cool kaiju movies they mentioned, and DEFINITELY double-psyched for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya at anime club this week, having read their spot and gaining more of an idea of what it's about.

I was even inspired to watch the original Highlander after reading their bit on the new anime version (no shit.) The boy said it's not as good as it was 20 years ago (so I'm a little sad to have tainted his good memories) but it was still pretty good. I can see how any possible sequels would be pretty lame, because I mean..."there can be only one." Seems to apply to the plot as well as the position. Ultimate power, yee-haw.

I like that there's a reason for the sword-fighting in jeans besides just looking cool, but I was pretty mad that that bastard evil guy couldn't wait until "The Gathering" to kill Ramirez. I guess if you think about this movie just enough it makes sense. I liked it. Showing it's age isn't such a bad thing, either.

Anyways, enough disorganized rambling about THAT. The point was the magazine rocks. Read it and tell your friends! Seriously wish I could bust into their games section. I would also be way up for writing up the limited edition of The Taste of Tea when it arrives, but I bet if they were going to cover that they would've done it this issue (August.) Now just gotta wait for the website to launch! If what they say is true it sounds like it will almost be something like a 1Up for J-freaks :D

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