Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, thank you

But I have a little bit of creeping horror about this weekend. This weekend is what I will get for being so slack not only last weekend, but all week. The place is OVERRUN with just...crap...everywhere. However, it is also double xp in City of Heroes. I can tell this is going to take a delicate balancing act, but I'm willing to try! I'd also like to get outside at least a tad bit, even if it's just walking to...somewhere. The boy seems to have contracted some sort of flu-y thing, though, so it will probably be mostly games and cleaning. Which, you know, is ok. I should really start on some of it this morning before I go to cashier, but how likely is that to happen when I have a ROM of Drawn to Life to review? Ok ok, I'm going! Sheesh!

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BadMonkey said...

lol, your life is totally crazy! In my experience the trick to doing lots of things at once is to make sure none of them are your job, 'cos that always seems to spoil things completely 'cos you have to take that one seriously!
I wish I could get a Wii (although I'd settle for Twilight Princess on my 'cube), I was playing some 'cube today and I realised how much I miss Nintendoness. Is that a quality that things can possess? If not, it should be.
I'll try and stay blogging when I'm back at work next week, 'cos it's fun, even if you are the only person who reads it!
love and hugs!