Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Results and challenges

I finally got the boy his b-day presents. I also got some other stuff that I needed. No more shopping. No more shopping unless I suddenly land a job with a real salary. I dunno how I'm ever going to have enough money for Japan, or, you know...groceries. I mean, right now I'm fine, but these student loans are going to add up to almost precisely what I make a month. Granted I've added new freelance stuff, but it's not PAY THE BILLS kind of stuff.

That and I'm kind of a workaholic now. I think the boy is upset. If I'm not physically at work at Nijiya, I'm at my computer, chatting with editors, e-mailing contacts, writing, or playing. Playing sometimes gets recreational, but more often than not lately it has something to do with something.

That brings me to that horrible Wii dilemma again. Found some great bundles on craigslist, and it might even get mostly bought as a graduation present. It'll be good to expand my reviewing capabilities, but I doubt I will have it by tomorrow, which is the problem currently at hand. I NEED A WII TO PLAY. I'm never doing this again, that's for sure. I'll have to just stick to the systems I actually have. Yeah, pretty much-- common sense has failed me. Really, my friend would've been able to let me borrow hers if the timing weren't so messed up. The way things are now, I don't even want to bug her anymore. My only choice may be to go back to my editor in ruin...

I should be asleep. Or at least writing up stuff. I think I'll take "asleep," though, at this point. Been a long day.

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