Friday, June 01, 2007

My Lack of Progress (j/k...but seriously)


12 weeks.


Reading - textbook stuff, webpages, raw and instructional (outloud) videogames
Writing - exercises, get a Japanese penpal, maybe...
Listening - watching anime/live-action stuff, podcasts, instructional CDs
Speaking - with Shin, possibly others

Start every study session with a chapter of genki for review, just perusal

Just need more time management. Not so much aimless wandering. Know what you want to read/study/do and do it.

Textbook for grammar and some vocab.
Online stuff/conversation for ther vocab.
Kanji via vocab/jlpt lists...videogame

order of how you learn kanji does not matter anymore...just use the book you have and go straight through it, 10 a week...




That's about how far I got today in planning. I looked at a chapter of genki and was appalled to realize that I still don't have the most basic counters down solidly. Japanese numbers do suck, but you'd think after all these years...

I am very easily discouraged.

Still very unsure of how to approach everything, but I think I've decided that there is just no way to learn Kanji at the rate of vocabulary so it just doesn't matter how you learn them, just that you do. So I'm going to just use the book. I think I mentioned that above.

And the game that I still haven't learned how to use.

I guess other kanji I will just look up. Or something.

There is no one true method. This saddens me. I am a big fan of true methods. But then there aren't any. Just wishful thinking.


I have to get out of here because if I don't go to the post office today I will seriously hate myself.

EDIT: OH yeah, and I have this huge problem called, "I DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING XP DISCS CUZ IT CAME PRELOADED ON MY MACHINE." Someone PLEASE help me get East Asian Language support. I can't even surf right, much less IME. I don't even have Office, though, so that's probably impossible. I feel absolutely fucked.


Anonymous said...

by the where
you never know
if i had a dollar
for every twenty
three lines i've read

Anonymous said...
aerose11e channel

Chris said...

I don't have the XP discs either and I've managed to get Japanese IME working. It took a little bit of trawling around the Microsoft Download Center site to find the right install packs. Try this one:

If that doesn't work, then try any others you can find. There's no hard in trying it (it won't install if it can't be used) If I remember anything else I'll let you know

Emily said...

Hey, thanks for the reply that actually makes sense. Luckily I managed to solve the problem (a few posts later) so we're all nihongo'd up :D