Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had the saddest excuse for a brat tonight...

Yeah, I'll just wait until I go back home sometime. Pleh! I think maybe following the herd to Burger King would've been BETTER, if you can imagine. We saw Speed Racer! It was me and some IGN catz. A pretty fun time, overall. I guess in the case of a voucher the theater picks up the differece? My coupon was for $7.50, and admission was $10.50, but I didn't pay a dime, even though I offered the girl at the register three dollars. Sweet!

Now I'm freezing my ass off back here at home. Was pretty wired after the movie, so I decided to run with it and have some soda and pb crackers. Gonna watch some anime... Just dabbled in an episode of Lucky Star today and I may have to continue. It's some goooooood shit, and also really good listening practice, if the first episode is any indication. They speak about normal things, so I can understand a lot.

BRRR!!! I'm looking at a studio in the Mission this weekend. I really hope that if it is good I can move in. Available as of the 15th. That is perfect! Other news include some new jobbage writing manuals for EA (*_*) annnnnd applying to the best of my ability to the 1Up previews intern spot (which what I applied for in the first place...)

The first first place.

Been sort of nostalgic lately.

All the more reason to drown myself in anime until I get either too sleepy or too damned cold ;D

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