Monday, October 02, 2006

Overly prolific

I know I am today, but it's not because I'm depressed! It's because I have time and I have things to relate.

Cheerios seriously save my life, I think. For some reason dinner did not have as great an effect as I would've hoped. For some reason my stomach seems very easy to disgruntle of late. I wanted to have ice cream when I got home, but I was too hungry to even think about ice cream. I kinda still want some, though. I think I will anyways.

Nerrrrg. I hope our Federalism project is coming together as well as we pretend it is. I always feel like we're being optimistic to each other, but are all secretly scared to death that we'll fail. I think that's just part of being the first group to present. I'm sure we'll do fine. I just need to find some notecards...

Yeah, definitely having some ice cream and playing Cave Story...

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