Sunday, October 08, 2006

That was the break

So now it's the hard slog to Thanksgiving. I had a nice weekend. The boy is sick, so it was quiet and at home, but I like the apt and I love the boy, so it was good. We played Magic this afternoon until it was time to go. He bought me a sandwich to eat on the train. It was ok, but unfortunately whoever those guys on at the grocery store were have no idea how to take orders. A little mustard turned into great slathers of mayo; no onions, just lettuce and tomato turned into a pound of onions and pickles to boot. They were also out of sourdough, which was a bummer.

I mad a budget for travel expenses assuming I go to San Francisco every weekend and for Halloween. That already is an over estimate because I'm hoping Scott will make it back here at least once. And then I took the maximum ticket price of 11 dollars, when usually it seems to be nine. That came out to 360. Then if I assume I will have to take cabs to and from the station to school that makes it 700. So somewhere between 360 and 700. That's also the range that my plane ticket home for X-mas will be, but I'm only paying for half. In fact, my dad mentioned he would try to get one with his frequent fliers which means I may not pay anything. That would rock.

I was listening to that Phoenix CD that I had wanted to the other day. I forgot how nostalgic it is. For some reason it makes me sorta sniffly, and then I was on my way back to school, too. Then I listened to Mates of State, which tends to have a similar effect. I'm really tempted to bust out Athlete's Tourist next time I go, but that is just guaranteed to find me sobbing on the train, which is too bad, because it's a great CD. Just, all of the songs are about missing someone or taking advantage of the time you have with someone etc : /

This coming Saturday I have one of those stupid tutor training sessions, so it messes up the weekend slightly. I'm kinda hoping the boy will be able to come out here. We'd have much more time together than we would if I arrived Saturday afternoon. We could hide out in my room and he could write some stuff while I was in that class. Just depends how the week goes, I guess.

As for the rest of the week, I have no idea. I'm a little nervous about my Federalism presentation, but I'll just do my best and try not to think about it. Then, I only did the computer paper over the weekend, so I need to get the GT politics paper out of the way, probably on Thursday, but maybe Wednesday, or even tomorrow.

I've decided to start going to the dining hall for breakfast more often. I think I will get some bread so I can pb (banana or jelly) sandwiches at home for lunch or dinner depending on which other meal sounds good.

Oh, and I'm supposed to see the iatrist on Tuesday, but I think I will call and tell them that I cancel and am not taking my pills anymore. No more pills!

I dunno why I'm so anxious lately. There's always this little background current of mild agitation about something or other.

Anyways, I'ma go do other stuff besides mope on here. I need to mope less.

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