Monday, October 16, 2006

bad vibes

You know, I think school really has ruined me. It generally ruins anything, as anyone who has been assigned homework knows. It's really amazing how you can take ANY topic and just by virtue of it being forced on you render it painful. In fact, even if you're the one forcing yourself, it still becomes meaningless and horrible.

I'm rather down at the moment if you couldn't tell.

It's just my nature, I guess, to pick everything to bits until it's all guilt and anguish.


Let me just confess right now that I probably won't be reading chapter 13 of my astro book anytime soon. MAYBE I'll skim it later, but you know what I'm lazy and unmotivated. Cuz it's not on the test. Cuz I suck. I dunno. Whatever you want.

THIS is how my brain works! How sad and strange.

I think I need to quit kidding myself that everything is inherently fun and interesting. I'd LIKE to be the kind of person who is fascinated by everything, but I guess I'm just not. God, I'm depressed.

I shouldn't post this but then I shouldn't have written it because it's exactly the kind of shit that I need to not do, but as long as it's here I might as well.

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