Monday, October 02, 2006

Another thing

I've decided to go off my meds (again) because I'm...stupid? I just started UP again. Why quit? I dunno. I'm just sick of the whole thing. I think that's why I quit last time. I'm kinda worried that this will just turn into a vicious cycle of me getting off them and becoming miserable and feeling like I need it but not wanting to need it so getting off of them. Hopefully not. It's pretty obvious that my latest spontaneous recovery from the depths of hellish evil mood plague had absolutely nothing to do with the Wellbutrin, sooooo screw it, I say. I was fine for the rest of the summer when I wasn't on my stuff. Of course, when I said that my iatrist said, "but yeah then you got miserable, what, about a month later? That's when it tends to hit..." which made me feel sorta...stupid. I dunno. I'm not going to buy any of it anymore. I'll just be fine or not fine on my own terms. I don't need stupid side-effects. If I have side-effects I just get upset about THEM and then I'm not happy anyways! Pointless! Not sure how I'll ramp down. I probably SHOULD, though. Today I took my last half-dose pill, so I guess maybe from now on I'll do a pill every other day for a week or something...blah.

Oh, and some (other?) good news: all my credits have come through; my overload, and my retros. So all is well. I will graduate early as long as I pass all these classes, which looks to be not so hard.

I even did my outline.

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