Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In which Emily time-travels

Today I will play old (relatively) video games, and eat chicken tenders, fries, and soda. This is like elementary school :D Sam & Max! Starcraft! Dr. Pepper! Man, all I need now is soccer practice and the feeling that there could never be enough homework...

Those were the days. Actually, it would be more accurate to be playing Day of the Tentacle or Indiana Jones instead of Sam & Max, and I never played Starcraft back then, but still. The time is right. The food is perfectly on cue. I mean, it's not quite McDonald's, but close enough.

Yuck lol

The trick now is to not feel guilty. I think I can do it! I mean, this is a nostalgia trip. I haven't had chicken tenders with fries and soda in... ... I can't even remember how long.


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