Monday, October 02, 2006

Ah, yeah.

Hmm. My computer is acting funny. Maybe it's because I downloaded the Japanese version of Cave Story and actually got it to show up in Japanese instead of squiggles. Ever since I reset the computer my clock and uh...whatever all those bars and things on the bottom right were are gone...

Also even though I closed the game the window is still there...

And this window...isn't.

It's sorta silly because I want to finish it in English first, anyways.

Oh yeah, and instead of doing my homework I've been putzing with that, reading the Internet, and commenting on LJs.


There was fish and things for lunch. I ate some but did not enjoy it much. For dinner I will have the leftovers Saturday's breakfast. They should still be good, right? It's only Monday...I will nuke them. And put an egg on top. Damn, I should've stolen a piece of bread to toast with it... Nerg.

Computer test on Wed. Should be easy as hell.

Of course, now that I said that I'll probably fail. Yet I have this feeling that that's impossible because our prof is giving us SIX PAGES of notes. What the hell? What happened to the good ol' three by five? Six 8x11 PAGES. That's 3 on both sides. You know why it's six? He had envisioned three and someone ASKED if he meant both sides of the page... What are you going to PUT on six pages of notes? I could probably fit my entire collection of notes on six pages if I wrote small enough. How does this show we know ANYTHING?

I'm sorta happy because I actually DO (know something.) Not a lot, mind you, but I can answer his questions if everyone else is sitting there doing nothing.

I had breakfast in the dining hall today. The standard one. Filled me up quite a bit. I think my stomach got used to having cereal for breakfast again. Which is fine. The only thing is that I like the grapefruit and they only have that at ACTUALLY breakfast time. Anyhow, the only reason I brought that up was because I got to read The New York Times again. That's been my dining hall visiting perk lately.


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