Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Half way marker

The week is edging towards the finish line. I can see it out there, only a couple days ahead. Friday will be glorious! Homework? What homework? I'll just be playing video games and having fun with My Favorite Boy.

This morning I woke up, did my throw on clothes, brush teeth, etc routine and walked out the door to find a nice little drift of pollen on the walkway. I wonder if I should invest in a shovel. Good thing it's not a blizzard! Even a flurry, though, is a bit worrisome. Stupid Stockton and its horrible air quality.

Got a nice box in the mail from my mom containing, among other things: candy, cookies, and Halloween socks. The cookies are worth particular mention, since they are of a variety not found in California. Of course, here they have generic holiday cookies, but the ones I have been sent are the favorite uncle of all generic holiday cookies. They come in various shapes throughout the year, but always remain a deliciously thick glazed masterpiece of a sugar cookie. Ate one today, but the other two will be transported carefully to Frisco for weekend consumption with Scotty.

Reigning cheifly among recent activites is Megaman ZX, still, and the Internet. As I may have already stated in earlier posts, this week's workload is VERY MINOR INDEED. That's fine, but I wish I could be making money or something in the meantime. Actually, my friend Ian has commissioned an s.f. short from me with the only stipulations being a length of no less than 10 pages single-spaced and the appearance of my monster. In payment, I will receive a Dreamcast with copies of Rez and Space Channel Five. So far my fiction is...rather as it usually is. This one may have a bit more direction, but it still feels overwhelmingly lame. We'll see how it goes, though, I suppose.

Nearly time for Astro, so I'll be off that. No tutoring tonight. It's a good thing I still work for the PRIDE center, otherwise I would have no money EVER @_@

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