Monday, October 23, 2006


There was something getting me down that I was going to mention and then I read some crap and forgot what it was. So I find myself listing things that upset me, trying to figure out which it was. How utterly stupid. I still can't remember, though. I thought I had something meaningful to say on the topic.

Really, I shouldn't write about things that get me down. I should write about good things. I don't feel honest that way. That is the reason I talk about this stuff, honesty. It just seems right that I let (certain) people know what's on my mind, good or bad. I would feel like I was withholding things. Then I would still come off as upset, but it would just be a mystery and people would read all sorts of horrible things into about how they annoy me or something, which wouldn't be the case at all.


Seriously, I had something to say and it's gone. I dunno. I'm just really good at making myself news there.

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