Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today I have good grades

A- on my politics paper (which I was sure would've been like a B-) and A- on my astro exam (whereas the average of the class was a D+.)

Also had a pretty tasty (if not so healthy) casserole with ground beef, cheese, and rice for lunch. Some kid's mom's recipe. They've started taking "taste of home" requests. Anyhow, it was basically a well-seasoned cheeseburger over rice, but still good. I had it with broccoli and cranberry juice, which made it seem healthier :D

All I have to do this afternoon is read a few pages on relativity and go to work. Well, and study Japanese with 3 and 3, but how hard is that? I'm thinking about taking my computer to work so I can play games.

I may or may not have another stab at that old samurai movie. Marc and I tried to watch it last night. Dragged ourselves through about a half hour. Just not my style. I know it's for CLASS, and I should just buck up a bit, but it's MY class that I designed, so maybe I can just cancel that...

I have another one I can watch anyways.

Ozu is good.

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