Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh, the monday life...

Here at school we've a nearly 4 hour film to watch and an astronomy test to cram for, also sweet potatoes (if the lunch menu is to be believed.) Lots of reading (recreational and non) to do, and laundry. Yes, clothes are one of those vitals, at least if you want to leave your dorm cave. Oh, excuse me, "residence hall."

I put up some new pix of the paper waste and worn clothes strewn about my floor, also the monster in his domain. He happily guards my bed by day and suffocates under my arm by night.

Probably will have lunch soon, although I meant to get some DDR in before hand. All these things I mean to do. I should go to the store this afternoon for some things, read some textbooks, do some practice quizzes, play some Starcraft...maybe. The beta test is proceeding...still. I don't feel quite as useful as I could be, but I'm not sure what I should do different.

I need to stop looking at craigslist and just go eat lunch and do homework...*sigh*

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